What formats can you print from?
We can print from most of the common file types such as:-
MS Office (Word, Publisher, Excel)
Open Office
Although we can print from most files, we highly recommend submitting your work to us in PDF where
possible (MS Office has a ‘Save As’ PDF option if you need to convert your document).
A PDF file preserves formatting and fonts, which unfortunately can sometimes be lost between different
versions of software packages.
Important note: If your file contains any non-standard or specialist fonts, it’s essential that it’s in PDF to
ensure that these are preserved.

Basic information & tips

Please ensure that you leave a minimum of 5mm margin/border around your work. Unfortunately digital printing equipment is unable to print right to the edge of the paper, and this is the norm
within the print industry. In some instances we can get around this by trimming the edges afterwards (again this is something that all print units do).
We can print directly onto A5, A4 & A3. If you require anything larger than A3 we are happy to obtain a quote for this from one of our external partners.
If you require anything smaller than A5 (e.g. A6 postcards) we can achieve this in-house if the file is set up appropriately. (This is covered on the next page)
When designing posters & flyers please ensure that any images used are of sufficient quality andresolution, or they may look pixelated when enlarged (for example, web images are usually low quality so can look very pixelated if used to make a large poster)

Flyers, posters and leaflets

A5 leaflets – the most cost effective way is to set up your file in A4, with 2 A5 flyers on the page, as per the examples below. After printing we simply cut the sheet in half, giving you two A5 flyers per printed sheet, which costs you less!

The same principle applies to A6 (postcard size) but you would need to set it up as 4 on an A4 sheet as per the example below

Paper Types

We stock a variety of paper (including high quality silk & gloss papers) in variety of weights and sizes. We have paper to suit most jobs! Please ask if you would like to see samples

Booklet printing

Our machines can produce folded and stapled A5 booklets

Tri-Fold Leaflets

We have a folding machine in Print Services to produce folds like in the diagram below. Simply use MS
Publisher or Word to set up your file – they both have tri-fold templates.

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