Multimedia is a word that has several interpretations depending on the area of communication.  In the most general form Multimedia as a word can be described as many means of communication.  It is the method of delivering information in several
forms and means. Multimedia in relation to 3D production is a relatively recent engagement,nevertheless Multimedia has evolved from individual media such as still images, text, sound, video to a combination of all with the introduction of electronic technology.
The Multimedia industry is divided into several areas of productions, varying from still images produced for advertisement purposes, to motion films created for television and cinema. Throughout time the production has evolved, creating a hybrid pipeline of different talents to create specific work, not just in one area of the Multimedia industry, but
in all areas depending on the necessity of the specific skill of a person needed in the production. The Entertainment industry is one of the largest sectors of Multimedia, and growth in this industry has evolved collectively with technology in the production of film, commercials, games and many other areas of entertainment. It is clear that our contemporary society is demanding more and more from entertainment, and the competition of the entertainment industry is growing rapidly. Despite the fact that this project is focused on the Entertainment sector, Multimedia can be observed in areas such as education, engineering, industrial, scientific, mathematical and medical. All these areas use Multimedia with similar approach, but for different
means. Multimedia is evolving and becoming part of a common aspect of our daily lives, where everywhere we look there are various implementations of Multimedia being used. This is commonly seen is media devices such as computer, mobile phones and televisions. The evolution of Multimedia soared with the development of devices with faster processing capabilities and display options, allowing a “Multimedia experience” to the user/viewer.


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